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loyalty SOLUTION

One of the key challenges for customer-oriented enterprises is to find effective marketing methods to prevent customer migration and to win new ones. This creates the need for tools that can improve understanding of client behavior, habits and needs and the appropriate use of this precious capital in the correct relationship and communication strategy with customers in order to earn their loyalty and increase retention. With relevant customer profile management and efficient and personalized promotional actions directed to appropriate client groups, you can reduce customer retention costs, increase sales profits and gain long-term customer loyalty. One of the most advanced tools in the development of customer relationships are loyalty programs. Customer loyalty and bonus programs are defined with a range of activities designed to reward certain transactions and behaviors of current customers.

Alkaline Loyalty Management offers all the tools needed to build a successful and unique loyalty program, created for both individual and business customers. The Alkaline Loyalty Management system supports all areas of the operation of a loyalty system, starting from customer enrollment and management, through creation of promotions based on various currencies and communication with participants, to rewarding customers with gifts, discounts and partners' offers. Customers can be easily engaged through the built-in marketing functionalities and promotion actions, such as lotteries, special offers, coupons or rules for rewarding the best customers – all to maintain high levels of customer satisfaction and increase retention, sales and revenue. Commonly used enterprise-class solution interface technologies allow for smooth integration with existing systems while reducing implementation time and costs.

Comprehensive program management

  • comprehensive view into customer information
  • real-time processing of all transactions
  • set-up of various card types
  • products and stores definitions and management
  • program partners administration
  • dynamic attributes management
  • registration fields managementautomatic mechanism of user and member fraud prevention and detection manual correction of action/points
  • black-lists administration

Attractive offers definition

  • sophisticated promotion designer - no limitation for marketing ideas
  • single or multi-partner promotions
  • flexible discount promotions granted for distinct customer groups depending on the products and quantity purchased.
  • automatic initiation of promotions related to specific events
  • ability to set different priorities for specific promotion rules
  • different tariff points for separate customer segments
  • shortened promotion definition workflow
  • targeted and personalized real-time marketing messages
  • various coupon types (issuing, redeeming, discount, anonymous or personalized, single or multiple use)
  • full support for point or reward lotteries

Complex rewards management

  • comprehensive management of various types of rewards physical/virtual reward catalogue
  • multiple reward schemes – reward redemption and prices dependent on time period, events, account attributes and recognition levels
  • supported redemption schemes: discounts, gift catalogue, cash-back, giveaways, free service vouchers, partners’ products/services, points donation/transfer, etc.
  • various redemption channels: POS,CallCenter, Customer Web Portal, mobile application, mail, partner sites
  • various payment options: “points only”, “points plus money”
  • gift logistics – real-time maintenance of stock and deliveries between central and regional warehouses, various sites, customers and third parties

Multi-channel communication with program members

  • personalized dialogue with customers through various communication channels: e-mail, SMS, POS, direct mail, call center, member’s web portal, mobile application
  • Enhanced smart message editors for email, SMS and POS channels
  • Message personalization through the use of multiple variables
  • Marketing messages displayed on the DCR/POS or printed on sales slipsevent-triggered messages
  • Customer web portal – easy access to transactions, promotions, special offers, as well as gift catalogue for program members
  • IOS and Android mobile application dedicated for program members
  • Surveys and questionnaires definition and sending
  • Review of the communication history

Advanced reporting

  • Program KPI reporting – standard and ad hoc reports
  • Report engine based on templates
  • One-time and periodical report generation
  • E-mail or SMS notification when report is ready
  • Reports based on local transactions
  • Different formats: PDF, XLS, RTF and CSV
  • Enhanced multi-dimensional analyses provided with the Comarch Smart Analytics solution, introducing business intelligence features

User-friendly system administration

  • Profile and user management
  • Access rights administration (3 modes)
  • Retro transaction feature
  • Changes tracking and auditing information
  • Modification of dictionaries
  • Easy file import and export
  • Built-in contextual help mechanism
  • Alerts administration
  • Multi-language interface